Develop a method of thinking.

When you use consistent questions to prompt your thinking, you "learn how to learn" as well as acquire new understandings in a particular content area. Just as in learning to play a musical instrument or master an athletic skill, the CompSAT Keys to Reflection and Inquiry protocol must be practiced in order to develop a habit of mind, a way of thinking and acting responsively.

Committing to becoming a self-directed learner and innovative early educator requires virtues such as courage and faith. It takes a certain amount of bravery to step outside the "self" you know and embrace personal change. Taking such action will involve hope and a belief that change is possible and will come in time. As educators, we need to look at how we can work in situations to create positive change. Download the templates provided in each competency to record your reflections.

Keys to Reflection and Inquiry

The Keys to Reflection and Inquiry will serve as a protocol for self-assessment and reflection in each competency. Use the keys to practice reflecting with questions and activities related to the competency area.