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Pause for Inspiration

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Find inspiration, joy, and creativity in everyday things.

Do you find that you often consider your needs last, or not at all? Maybe this happens because you don't have time, you're just too tired at the end of a busy day or week, or you haven't really thought about how you might relax? We all need to find ways to energize and renew ourselves in order to stay with the demanding work of early care and education. Only when we truly care for ourselves and stimulate our creativity, can we fully care for and stimulate others. CompSAT offers tools and surprises that will help you on your path to renewal and reinvigoration.

A teacher observes a young boy stacking toy rocks.

Try This!

Desired Results Access Program

Watch the video, "Inclusion and Joy," in which two preschool teachers discuss and illustrate the importance of joy for children and teachers and its relationship to early childhood inclusion.

The video is a production of The Desired Results access Project, which assists the California Department of Education's Special Education Division (SED) in implementing the DRDP access Assessment System to measure the progress of California's preschool-age children with IEPs.

There are no templates for the Pause for Inspiration Key. This is a place to take a moment for yourself.

Deepen Your Understanding

California Early Childhood Educator Competencies

Consider one source of inspiration by reading the Topic: People First Language in Performance Area 1 in the CA ECE Competencies. Scroll to page 61.

What other sources of inspiration are meaningful to you?

Download the California ECE Competencies

California Early Childhood Educator Competencies

Extend Your Learning

The Desired Results access Project offers information and resources to assist special educators, administrators, and families in participating in the Desired Results assessment system.