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Action is the test of what you know and can do. It is where you see the results of reflection and self-assessment. The CompSAT protocol, Keys to Reflection and Inquiry, is designed to help you formulate good questions, pursue inquiry, and take action to improve your daily practice. The results of your actions provide evidence of your professional growth, and hopefully, spur you on to generate more questions and take further action. Action and reflection are essential to the processes of growth and change.

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Sometimes ethical dilemmas are obvious, but on other occasions, they can be harder to identify. offers some helpful questions to prepare yourself for recognizing these dilemmas and taking action. Here are some adaptations of their suggestions for early childhood professional settings.

Try This!

Identify "trigger" situations

Ethical dilemmas seem inherent to some situations. These may include violating confidentially, denying mistakes made, covering up inequities while claiming fairness.

Listen to your "inner voice"

Your conscience often tells you that something isn't right, even if this is just a feeling of uneasiness with something. If you face a situation that makes you uncomfortable, or goes against one of your core values or beliefs, then make sure you stop and think things through rationally. As you tackle ethical dilemmas in a mindful and open manner, you can learn to trust your instincts and mobilize your courage.

Prepare in advance

Imagine your response if you discovered someone was covering up a bad situation or failing to address an inequity, while claiming to stand for transparency and fairness? As you practice exploring your feelings and possible decisions, you will get insights into your values, and strengthen your ability to act on them.

Reevaluate your decision before you act

If you're in a difficult situation and you aren't sure what to do, make a decision. But before you act on that decision, ask yourself how you would feel if your actions were on the evening news for everyone to see. Would you be proud of what you did? If not, then reconsider your decision.

Use this template to record your observations, thoughts, and feelings.  Download the Template

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California Early Childhood Educator Competencies

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