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CompSAT is your guide and companion as you explore and expand upon your knowledge, skills, and dispositions as reflected in the 12 California Early Childhood Educator Competencies. Reflection is the heart of CompSAT, leading you to more intentional practice, and opportunities for self-assessment and growth. Click on any of the Competencies to start your journey.

In each competency, you will find videos that present common, yet challenging, issues faced by early childhood educators. You will also find the Keys to Reflection and Inquiry — a protocol for thinking deeply and acting purposefully as you make choices about your daily work with children and families. The Keys offer scenarios, stories, photos, videos, activities, and more that will help you consider where you are now as an educator, and where you want to be in your practice and in your career. CompSAT also provides guidance in building your professional portfolio, each competency module showcasing a different method of documenting your work. So, let’s get started!