Administration and Supervision

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Two critical components of high-quality early care and education are effective administrative practices and continuous program improvement, both of which allow early childhood professionals to better serve young children and their families and to meet short- and long-term program goals. This competency area describes the knowledge and skills that early childhood educators are expected to have in operations and program development, fiscal management, human resources, and other aspects of administration.

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California Early Childhood Educator Competencies

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Framing Questions

Framing questions identify some of the major themes in this competency. They provide you with a starting point. As you explore this competency, add your own framing questions for issues you want to further examine.

  • How do you grow an organizational culture that reflects your vision?
  • How do you balance the demands of the job in order to survive and thrive?
  • Do you have systems in place to realize your vision and sustain your organization?
  • How do you guide and influence the pedagogical practices of your program?


Keep these dispositions in mind as you explore the Framing Questions. If you mindfully adopt these dispositions, you will realize the Desired Outcomes for Practitioners and for Children.

  • Values high-quality early learning and development in inclusive settings for all children.
  • Values continuous program improvement based on assessments, research, and communication and on collaboration with families, staff, colleagues, and other professionals.
  • Values high expectations.
  • Views diversity as an asset.
  • Considers the benefits to the group as well as to the individual.

Desired Outcomes for practitioners

If I have these dispositions, then I will…

  • engage in shared decision making with colleagues, families, children, and other professionals.
  • continue my own personal and profession education and growth.
  • seek new information, guidance, input, and resources from diverse sources to improve my program.
  • experience an improved work environment.
  • see the richness of diverse ideas and experiences reflected in all aspects of the program.

Desired Outcomes for Children

If teachers and caregivers have these dispositions, then children will…

  • experience the benefits of high quality ECE programs.
  • be involved in decision making in their programs.
  • see themselves and their families reflected in their programs.

Keys to Reflection and Inquiry

The CompSAT Keys to Reflection and Inquiry offer you a protocol to use in whatever setting you work as an early childhood educator. Learn how you can integrate the six Keys into your work. Select one of the Keys below to practice reflecting with questions related to the competency area of Administration and Supervision.


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Build Your Portfolio

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No matter which format you choose, the CompSAT Portfolio will aid you in developing a compelling story that illustrates what you know and are able to do in your work with children and families. All of the formats are intended to stimulate your creativity, guide you as you explore issues that arise in your professional practice, inspire you to take action, and assist you in documenting your practice.

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